Corporate finance

New horizons for your business

Access to Russian and international capital markets allows you to tap into a broader investor base, unlock new opportunities for growth in market capitalisation, and cut the cost of debt

Why does this matter?

Why does this matter?

Amid highly volatile financial markets and constantly changing requirements, expert support is crucial for any company looking to tap into capital markets. Horizon has many years of experience in preparing and supporting financial transactions on the Russian and international markets. We work hand-in-hand with issuers as a financial advisor, representing their interests before investment banks, transaction advisors, exchanges, and depositories.

What does this mean for your business?

What does this mean for your business?

  • Listing and admission to trading on stock exchanges
  • New investment attracted
  • Disclosures compliant with the latest regulatory and exchange requirements
  • Better credit ratings
  • Support in communication with exchanges and depositary banks

Our approach

How do we do this?

We work hand-in-hand with issuers as a financial advisor, representing their interests at all stages of the deal


We choose the right listing location for you

We will analyse the listing rules of various stock exchanges and recommend the best listing location for you


We help make robust disclosures

We will work with transaction advisors to prepare disclosure documents, balancing the interests of all parties


We organise a legal due diligence

We will help organise and conduct a legal due diligence of the issuer (borrower)


We provide support for the roadshow

We will prepare presentation materials and review key considerations to make a Q&A list


We offer comprehensive support

We will provide support over the life of the security and help you comply with the regulatory and exchange requirements and partner with depository banks

What are we doing?

International market

We compare listing requirements across all potential listing locations to identify the best one for you
We consult with the selected exchange to confirm the listing terms

What the customer receives?

An exhaustive and evidence-based recommendation of the best exchange to list your securities
We review applicable regulations and business practice
We carry out a review of your business to identify risk factors and relevant metrics to be disclosed in the prospectus (memorandum)
We collect and analyse information
We liaise with related transaction advisors to take into account their recommendations
We have the business sections of the prospectus translated into Russian

What the customer receives?

Disclosures that meet the information needs of investors, comply with the regulatory and exchange requirements, and follow recommendations by transaction advisors
We offer technical and organisational support for the due diligence process

What the customer receives?

A meeting / conference call between your company’s management and investment bankers and their legal advisors
We prepare roadshow presentations, taking into account the information disclosed in the prospectus (memorandum) and recommendations of other transaction advisors
We review key considerations and make a Q&A list
We organise logistics and provide support for the management team during the roadshow

What the customer receives?

A complete package of materials, as well as logistical and roadshow support
We have press releases published by the exchange
We prepare regular management reports

What the customer receives?

Compliance with the regulatory and exchange requirements on regular disclosures

The Russian market

We develop a term sheet
We prepare offering documents:
  • for shares: a resolution to issue shares and prospectus
  • for bonds: a bond programme, prospectus, bond resolution, and a term sheet

What the customer receives?

A structured transaction and all necessary documents
We prepare an offering memorandum and presentation materials
We organise and run online and offline events involving company management

What the customer receives?

Disclosures that meet the information needs of investors and comply with the regulatory and exchange requirements
We interact with a consortium of underwriters, trading systems and depositories
We secure an admission to trading on stock exchanges
We prepare issuer reports for the securities

What the customer receives?

Representation of your company’s interests, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements on regular disclosures

Our achievements

Horizon’s expert team has successfully completed a number of landmark deals in the Russian stock market, for example listing Gazprom’s American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) on the London and Singapore Stock Exchanges, providing support for eurobond issues, and the sale of 5.9% of LUKOIL through ADRs

IPOs and SPOs

completed in Russia

billion roubles

raised through bonds in the Russian market

billion US dollars

raised through eurobonds placed with our support



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