Disclosure monitoring

Consulting support to the client during preparation for information disclosure, development and/or analysis of public reporting documents:

  • Published in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation:
    • Annual reports (in Russian and English);
    • IPO/SPO, bond issue prospectuses;
    • Quarterly reports (in Russian);
    • Statements of material facts.
  • Disclosed in accordance with the requirements of foreign regulators and foreign exchanges under the ‘continuing obligations’ or capital raising transactions:
    • Management Discussion and Analysis for LSE;
    • Offering memorandums;
    • Credit memorandums.
  • Voluntary disclosures:
    • Sustainability and corporate social responsibility reports (in Russian and English);
    • Presentations, reports, industry publications, materials from management meetings with shareholders and investors.

Disclosure system/practice audit

  • Evaluation of internal mandatory disclosure documentation
  • Analysis of current practices: interviews with the company's reporting staff, authorized to prepare information to be disclosed
  • Analysis of company's disclosed information compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, foreign regulators, national and foreign exchanges
  • Comparative analysis of company's information disclosure system vis-a-vis best international practices
  • Reporting on the completeness and correctness of the disclosure of the required information, the adequacy of voluntary disclosures to meet shareholders’ and investors’ expectations

Improving disclosure practice

  • Recommendations for the development of the disclosure system to provide continuity and consistency of the disclosed information
  • Development of internal mandatory information preparation and disclosure documentation
  • Recommendations on the amount, type and timing of the voluntary disclosures
  • Development of standardized procedures for the preparation and verification of the disclosed information
  • Content creation and company's IR website maintenance