Improving corporate governance system

  • Corporate governance practices audit
  • Corporate governance compliance assessment: current legislation, recommendations by the financial markets regulatory departments of the Central Bank of Russia, the requirements of national and international exchanges
  • Recommendations to improve existing corporate governance programs. Assistance in updating internal documentation
  • Board composition (independent non-executive candidates)
  • Recommendations on board members communication procedures with shareholders and investors
  • Proposals to improve public disclosure practices

Corporate events support

  • Assistance with investors and shareholders identification (ID)
  • Proxy solicitation
  • Involvement of professional entities, assisting in proxy solicitation. Coordinating their work in line with company's objectives
  • Liaising with consulting companies providing advice to institutional investors to vote at the annual general meeting of shareholders (ISS, Glass Lewis, among others)
  • Materials preparation for annual general meetings of shareholders: annual reports, sustainability reports, corporate social responsibility reports, and other materials

Risk management

Risk management system/practices audit

  • Analysis of company's internal risk management guidelines
  • Analysis of the organizational structure and risk management framework
  • Comparative analysis of company's risk management system with best international practices Centralized risk management methodology development/update
  • Company's risk map development: identification, certification, classification, ranking
  • Risk monitoring system development, data update in risk management system
  • Choice of qualitative and quantitative methods of risk assessment, methods of risk response, analysis of the effectiveness of risk response measures
  • Risk reporting system design: structure, content, graphic visualization
  • Establishing risk management framework: decision making matrix, information flows in the company's management hierarchy
  • Assistance in updating company's internal risk management documentation

Recommendations on public disclosure of company's risks (for public companies). Methodological support for the development and implementation of functional risk management modules within the information management system: functional requirements preparation, business processes and procedures automation